Important Steps to Take Following a Car Accident

Important Steps to Take Following a Car Accident

In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, the most important thing is making sure that no one needs medical attention. After everyone's health has been accounted for, you'll need to start taking the necessary steps to return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. Here are five important steps to take after you've been in a car wreck.

Check Everyone for Injuries

Immediately following a collision, it's of the utmost importance that any possible injuries are given medical attention. With car wrecks, it's often the case that people feel like they haven't been significantly hurt, so they don't bother getting treatment. But it's often the case that car accidents cause injuries that don't initially appear to be as serious as they actually are. If you think there's any chance that you've suffered an injury, it's best to play it safe and seek medical care. This is also important for insurance/legal reasons if you end up needing to recover costs incurred for treating injuries.

Call the Police

An officer can come to the scene and sort out the situation, and then provide official documentation with a report. This can be very helpful if there's a dispute at the scene over who was at fault for the accident.

Collect and Save Evidence

If you're sure you don't need immediate medical attention, you should take some time to photograph the accident scene and document the situation in any way that could help to show you were not at fault. And, if the other driver is cooperative, it could be useful to get a picture of their driver's license and insurance card.

Contact Your Insurance Company

It's smart to call your insurance company while still at the scene so that the agent can verify that you've collected all necessary documentation. You'll then want to promptly send that documentation to your insurance company to get the claims process rolling forward.

Choose a Reputable Body Shop

Your insurance agent might recommend going to a particular shop, but it's worth keeping in mind that you get to decide where to have the repairs done.

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Posted: March 19, 2021

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