Expert Collision Repair in Houston, TX

Expert Collision Repair in Houston, TX

After you've been involved in a collision, it's important that your vehicle is returned to its pre-accident condition. This will keep you better protected if you get into another accident at some point down the road. If you need collision repair, make sure you entrust your vehicle to a shop that has earned a strong reputation for providing top-quality repairs at reasonable rates. Here are five services provided by a trusted collision center in Houston.

Free Collision Repair Estimate in Houston

At a reputable body shop, the staff understands that customers deserve to know the details with all costs involved---before ever spending a penny. With a free and accurate estimate, you'll be able to make an informed decision about whether it's worthwhile to go forward with your vehicle's repair needs.

Precision Frame Repair in Houston

Frame damage occurs in about half of accidents. Through laser measuring and modern frame straightening machines, the technicians will be able to restore your frame to its factory dimensions. This will help to keep you safer if at some point down the road you're involved in another serious collision.

Body Panel Replacement

Following an accident, it's often more economical to just replace the whole part rather than paying the labor costs to fix the damaged area. It's commonly preferable to go ahead and replace damaged hoods, doors, and bumpers.

Color Matching Technology

Through the use of color matching technology, the technician is able to seamlessly paint only the affected area instead of the entire vehicle. This saves a lot of time and will return your vehicle to its pre-accident appearance.

Paintless Dent Repair

For this repair technique, the technician employs specialized tools to work out the dent from inside the paneling. This allows the painting process to be skipped, which can save you time and money. Not every dent will qualify for this repair method, but smaller dents can regularly be fixed this way.

If you need collision repair, be sure to bring your vehicle to a reputable body shop. For collision repair in Houston, TX, contact the experts at U.S. Auto Connection at (713) 802-1168. Feel free to give U.S. Auto Connection a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your vehicle's auto body needs!

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Posted: February 20, 2021

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